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Human Resources




Our Human Resources policies are as below:

  • To keep organizational structure which is specified as per the services provided by our Chamber, up to date with the purpose of complying with its changing nature.
  • To ensure self-improvement of employees’ professional competence, their administrative mentality and performance through contemporary administrative mentality and techniques.
  • To ensure performance of mutual applications for the benefit of the institution and employees by reviewing functional efficieny of Human Resources.

Organizational Structure:

  1. Assembly
  2. Board of Directors
      1. Advisors to the Board of Directors

        3. Headquarters

                    1. General Secretariat

                    2. Deputy Secretary-General for Maritime Trade and Transportation

      1. Maritime Trade Unit
      2. Maritime Transportation Unit
      3. Shipbuilding and Techninal Affairs Unit
      4. Ship Agencies Unit
      5. Assembly and Professional Committees Unit
      6. Training Unit
      7. Coastal Structures and Ports Unit
      8. Assistant

                    3. Deputy Secretary-General for International Relations

      1. International Relations Unit
      2. Environment Unit
      3. R&D and Strategy Development Unit
      4. Information Technologies Unit
      5. Marine Tourism and Marine Resources Unit

                    4. Deputy Secretary-General for Financial and Administrative Affairs

      1. Revenues Unit
      2. Accounting and Budget Unit
      3. Member Relations
      4. Administrative Affairs Unit
      5. Workplace Health and Safety Unit
      6. International Road Transport (T.I.R) Certification Unit
      7. Officer, Branches and Representations
      8. Assistant

                    5. Private Secretary Unit

                    6. Board of Directors and General Secretariat Unit

                    7. Law Unit

                    8. Human Resources Unit

                    9. Corporate Communications Unit

                              1. Photographer

                   10. Quality Management Unit

       4. Branch Offices

       5. Representations

       6. Liaison Office