Quality Policy of the Turkish Chamber of Shipping

By placing utmost importance to the public advantage, to defend the rights of the Turkish Maritime Sector it represents.

Within the framework of the requests of its Members and the duties and responsibilities given to it by the regulations, to fulfill the expectations of its Members completely and in a just way and in good time.

Within the framework of free market economy, to be able to keep the  quality of service high up by following sustainable policies at the internal and external markets and  in the  international fields.

To make contributions to the economy of our country by supporting the training needs of the maritime sector.

To arrange the provisions of Quality Management Systems be observed and  the continuous betterment of the system.

To provide the training and motivation of our staff so that they can supply service in accordance with the Quality Management System.

The Turkish Chamber of Shipping undertakes to provide with a "Service Organization" spirit, the quality of its service made in accordance with its mission and vision and to become an example to the public and to other institutions and organizations and to provide their sustainability together with all its staff and Members .