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Mission, Vision and Policies



To offer our members efficient, productive and affordable services for shipping activities which are compatible with global system with the purpose of developing Turkish Shipping Sector in a free competition environment, increasing international competitive power of Turkish Shipping Sector and contributing to the national economy through our ever-developing service concept.


To achieve the ideal of becoming a Maritime Nation and a Maritime Country.


◼ Quality Service 

◼ Sustainability 

◼ Innovation and Leadership 

◼ Objectivity 

◼ Environmental Awareness 

◼ Efficiency 

◼ Social Responsibility 

◼ Consistency and Predictability 

◼ Transparency 

◼ To Carry and Reflect the Spirit of Shipping Sector 

◼ Member and Employee Satisfaction 



  • ◼ By giving priority to the public interest, to protect the rights of the Turkish Shipping Sector which it represents.
  • ◼ By observing the principles of objectivity and reliability, to meet the needs of its members fully, correctly and on time within the framework of duties and responsibilities given to it by the Regulations concerned and the demands of its members.
  • ◼ By pursuing sustainable policies at domestic and foreign markets as well as in the international arena, to keep the service quality of the shipping sector at the high level within the framework of free market economy.
  • ◼ To contribute to the national economy by supporting the educational needs in the shipping sector.
  • ◼ To ensure that the requirements of the quality management system are met and that the system is continuously improved.
  • ◼ To ensure that our employees are well-trained and highly-motivated as this is essential to providing service according to the quality management system standards.

According to its “Vision” and “Mission”, our Chamber commits to maintain its service quality and to set an example for public, public institutions as well as other institutions in a continuous and consistent way, with an understanding of itself as a “Service Institution” which can be realized together with its employees and members.


  • ◼ To establish an organizational structure which will meet the ever changing and developing needs by reviewing continuously the effectiveness of the Chamber’s organizational structure, defined according to the requirements of the services provided by the Chamber.
  • ◼ To ensure that the professional competencies, administrative mentality and service capacities of the employees are continuously developed and enhanced with modern administrative mentality and techniques.
  • ◼ To ensure the realization of the practices which meet the expectations to the advantage of both the Chamber and its employees by reviewing continuously the effectiveness of the human resources functions.


  • ◼ To support educational, cultural, social and technological researches and works about the environment in cooperation with our members and employees so that an awareness of the environment is generated, enhanced and made widespread.
  • ◼ To assist to the work carried out about the national and international regulations as well as the EU Environmental norms and the harmonisation efforts accordingly.
  • ◼ To ensure environment-friendly production with environment-friendly technologies and usage of such products as regards to the protection of maritime environment, with the assistance of the national and international rules and the contributions of our members.
  • ◼ To cooperate with the institutions and bodies concerned with the sea pollution, which is an issue considered on an international level.
  • ◼ To support the establishment and management of the facilities in order to prevent the discharge of the wastes into the sea, to minimize them, to separate them in their source, to recycle them as far as possible and to arrange their reuse within the framework of the sustainable development and protection of the ecological balance as requested in MARPOL 73/78.
  • ◼ To make widespread the awareness as to the prevention of the ecosystem’s being disrupted and destroyed, in relation to the protection of the maritime environment.


  • ◼ To protect the fund assets supplied by our members and to ensure that they are used in the most right and efficient way in order to reach the strategic aims and objectives specified within the scope of our Chamber’s mission, vision and core values, by taking the needs of our members, the facilitation and development of their professional activities and solidarity as a basis.
  • ◼ To use our financial resources most efficiently and in a way which will contribute best to the development of our shipping sector, including any contributions to the maritime education, by taking the principles of transparency and accountability as a basis.


  • ◼ To convey information effectively and swiftly about the national and international developments in the shipping sector to the target group composed of internal customers (the employees), external customers (people and bodies concerned with shipping and to whom service is provided), the public sector (high state officials, the ministries, the municipal affiliates etc.), media (opinion leaders) and the academic circles (universities, academicians), with the purpose of developing and making widely known the Turkish shipping sector and for our country to take its deserved place among  prominent maritime nations as well as for our members to get the information they need for their commercial activities.
  • ◼ To reach to the people which know our Chamber through one-sided news and are unaware of the services of our Chamber, as well as others that neither know the corporate power of the Turkish Chamber of Shipping nor its value for our country.
  • ◼ To establish a clear, understandable, effective and trustworthy communication with the target group contacted with, within and outside the Chamber.
  • ◼ To convey to the target group the views and suggestions as well as the work and activities carried out by our Chamber, through getting use of the possibilities in the field of information and communication technologies, to establish the most effective communication methods by consulting our members and partners about communication means to be used.
  • ◼ Depending on the content of message to be conveyed, to reach the target group by visual and written media, through the Chamber’s web page as well as by electronic mail, SMS messages, fax, telephone, social media (with #imeakdto, #denizcimilletdenizciülke hashtags), mail and also with panels placed within the building of the Chamber.
  • ◼ To publish in its monthly publication called “Maritime Trade Magazine – Deniz Ticareti Dergisi” which covers the activities and the views of the Chamber on various subjects, the information facilitating the professional activities of its members and the up-to-date national and international matters which appear in the shipping sector, with the purpose of conveying them to its target group.
  • ◼ To publish every year the ”Maritime Sector Report” which covers the developments as regards to the shipping sector in the world and the subjects concerning the Turkish shipping directly and indirectly and also the”Activities Report” which consists of the Turkish Chamber of Shipping’s activities, and to ensure that they are accessed by the Chamber’s target group
  • ◼ To publish and to send to the target group the monthly bulletins which cover the news from the Chamber and the shipping sector.
  • ◼ To prepare press releases and publications in accordance with the aims and objectives of the Chamber.
  • ◼ To keep the Chamber’s web page and social media accounts up-to-date, so that they will address to the needs and expectations of its members.
  • ◼ On special days and weeks recognised by the Board of the Directors of the Turkish Chamber of Shipping, to convey to the target group the Chamber’s congratulation messages, good wishes and expectations through newspaper advertisements, the web page as well as by electronic mails, SMS messages and social media.
  • ◼ To keep up-to-date the database including contact details of the local and national press institutions to ensure effective communication.


  • To adopt quality as the approach for ensuring that the Turkish Chamber of Shipping achieves a steady growth and attains an international identity and to record a continuous improvement in accordance with the ever developing technologies.
  • To provide world-class service to its members and others concerned and to facilitate the professional activities of its members by following up the technological innovations with a strong and corporate infrastructure.

By the Information and Communication Technologies Policy, the use of licenced software, keeping under control the internet traffic, acting in accordance with the Law No:5651 and the regulations issued according to this Law are being arranged with care and discipline.