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Press Release BS MOU New Inspection Regime

At the 16th meeting of the Port State Control Committee in Batumi, Georgia, April 2015, the Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control in the Black Sea Region (BS MOU) decided to introduce a New Inspection Regime for selection of ships from 1st January 2016 to harmonize further its risk based targeting and inspection system with the leading memorandums, namely Paris MOU and Tokyo MOU, to the highest level.

The existing ship targeting system adjusted to accommodate additional generic parameters (e.g. Flag, RO, and Company performances), weighting points for each parameters, amendment of levels of the ship risk profile and determination of frequency of inspection of for each risk level, benefiting experience after four years of in depth comparative study of the leading PSC inspection regimes and considering discussion at IMO on the small flags.

The BS MOU New Inspection Regime, BS-IR (2016), consists of combination of Ship Risk Profile and Time Windows for clear indication of the order of priority in selection of ships for inspections. Black Sea Information System (BSIS) calculates and displays outputs of sections 1 to 3 using inspection records of member authorities stored in the BSIS for members use at the time of selection of ships for inspections.